ANOTHER DUKE on the loose, but not in Hazzard County!!

The Duke of Hazard, but not in Hazzard

Dear Diary,

Sheriff Roscoe P Coltrane Sheriff of Hazzard County reporting on ANOTHER DUKE!!

Bad news bad news!!  Bo and Luke are back…but I’ll soon be cuff’en and stuff’em them again ( 😀 kew, kew, kew, kew)!

Those Duke boys are coaching another Duke across the pond. The Duke of Edin… Edin b b berg. He’s a 97 yr old Duke, who likes a spit roast… ( 😀 kew, kew, kew, kew,) but he ain’t got a cute little Daisy to poke! However, he does call his poke “Queenie”! ( 😀 kew,kew, kew, kew)

Them Dukes ( 😀 kew,kew, kew, kew)!! It’s the early worm that catches the bird!

“Pip”, as he likes to be known, thought me and Boss Hogg Jnr were chasing him in one of those ‘foreign compacts’ they have in limeyville! Why, oh why, would me and Boss Hogg Jnr. chase him in one of those?!? We won the war!!!

Anyway, that ole Duke didn’t have a General Lee (or cooter) and didn’t get far. He ended up having a good ole cuff’em and stuff’em after rolling his limey jeep ( 😀 kew, kew, kew, kew)!

But those cursed Duke boys got his Aunty May to free him and now me and Enos have to get him back in custody before Boss Hogg  Jnr. and Big Don find out. Meddling Dukes!! Anyway this is Sheriff Roscoe P Coltrane signing off his log.

( 😀 kew, kew, kew, kew)

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