VakeNews complain to Microsoft about not having NewsGuard warning

“We want one too” claim VakeNews editorial team

“What the @#%& are the Daily Mail complaining about?” asks Warren Vake

This week, the Daily Mail newspaper made a complaint to Microsoft regarding their NewsGuard plug-in. Since August 2018, the plug-in has been warning users of the Microsoft Edge browser who are visiting the Daily Mail website that the site content “generally fails to maintain basic standards of accuracy and accountability”.

The matter has become even more of an issue for the Daily Mail since Microsoft launched its browser updates for Android and iOS devices this week, which now have the NewsGuard functionality built in.

However in an interesting twist, the VakeNews team have submitted their own separate complaint to Microsoft. Warren Vake commented:

“I think it’s completely unfair. We haven’t got a warning notice on our website, and we write nearly as much shit as they do. Okay, so they’ve been doing it for a lot longer than we have, but I’d like to think that we are hot on their heals in terms of coming up with pages and pages of complete and utter unmitigated drivel.”

We write nearly as much shit as they do…”

He went on to say: “We approached Microsoft and asked why we hadn’t got one and are waiting to hear to back from them. They are clearly biased towards the bigger players. We even went as far as to call the Mail and ask whether, if they don’t want theirs, they would like to give it to us, but they just hung up on us. They are an absolute bunch of Terry Tosspots!”

“It’s like the Nazi thing all over again!” stated Vake, making reference to the Daily Mail’s well-publicised open support of the German National Socialist movement during the Second World War. “It’s all about who you know in this game. Who do we have to buy a pint and some pork scratchings for before we get our own warning?”

VakeNews will update its loyal readership as soon as it gets a response from Microsoft and/ or the Daily Mail.

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